How to troubleshoot Vizio M65-C1 Power Issues

My 3 year old Vizio M65 would not power on.  No standby light or any indication that I was pressing the power button.

After trying the obvious solutions like making sure the wall plug had power I started advanced troubleshooting.

I took the back of the TV off and checked the fuse.  You can’t tell if it is good by visually inspecting it.  You have to do an ohm test with a multi-meter.  If the fuse is blown you should not get a reading at all.  If it is good you will get the same reading as crossing the leads. Fuse tested good. 

I applied power and the first thing I noticed was a small flashing blue/purple LED on the back on the main board (the board with the HDMI connectors and such).  I spent a good amount of time trying to research what that blinking light meant with no result. (Spoiler, the little LED is supposed to be solid red when the TV is in standby)

I read in some eBay part descriptions that the 12v power connectors on the main p/s were supposed to read 19v at standby (meaning all power supply connectors are unplugged).  Using my multi-meter set on 200 DCV I found that the voltage was fluctuating between 18.8v and 19.1v.  Not that far off, could be normal (it wasn’t normal).   Next step was to measure the voltage under load (connectors plugged in).   Under load the 12v pins should read 12v.   In my case the voltage was fluctuating wildly from 0v to 9v. Smoking gun indicator of a bad power supply board.  NOTE: When testing be sure not to accidentally hit one of the GROUND pins.

Power Supply Board

I ordered a new power supply board from eBay.  715G6887-P02-001-002 was printed on the board and actual part number on the sticker was ADTVE1835AC8. 

IMPORTANT: not all Vizio M65 tvs use the same parts!  Make sure the part number matches EXACTLY.

The new power supply measured a solid 19.1v at standby, no fluctuations at all.  The mystery LED on the back of the main board was blue for about a second then turned solid red and stayed red.  I assume now that the blue/purple flashing indicated a power issue.  My TV is now working again!

I had a lot of trouble finding good troubleshooting info for this tv, so I hope this is helpful for someone. Please leave a comment if this helped keep your TV out of the landfill 🙂






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  1. Chris Avatar

    Where did you find a new power supply board? everyone seems to be out of stock!

    1. brian Avatar

      Hi Chris, I found the power supply board for sale on eBay.

      1. Harry Fogarty Avatar
        Harry Fogarty

        The reason why the power supply is bad is that it has a blown SMD resistor on the bottom and also a shorted diode near one of the transformers on top. If you look at the old board with a maglight or glasses you will lodate that blown resistor very easy with the eyes. It will have a hole in the middle of it where part of it had blown off

  2. mike Avatar

    Same symptoms, was struggling to find a YouTube video for this PS. Thank you!

  3. steve Avatar

    hi brain i m still try to fix my TV which is same your TV, i check main P/S board standby lit and 12 v which is 19.1v coming out after power on but Main board little lit is same blue/purple flushing then off after 15 second its turn back flushing again. but i m not fluctuations 19,1 volt at all it stayed.
    any idea let me know ,

  4. Jim Avatar

    Thanks for making this easy. I had the exact same symptoms as you did. Ordered the new power supply board off ebay.

  5. Bob Avatar

    Thank you Brian. My M65-C1 Vizio TV had the same problem. The Blue/Purple flashing light is a sure indicator that the PS is bad. I also had the same fluctuating voltage issues. Got a working PS on Ebay. Now TV is like brand new. I appreciate that you posted how to trouble shoot this.

    A really big “Thumbs Up” to you!!

    Bob in MI

    1. RJ Avatar

      If your power supply has failed then there is a good chance you can narrow it down to two components on the power supply. Check out my video on how to repair the power supply. I also have more details on my website

      1. Morgan Avatar

        I wish that I had the same issue because at least then you’ve already shown me how to fix it. However, sb voltage with cable removed, steady 19v, so p/s board should be fine, right? Also, the mysterious blue/red led that was flashing on your main board doesn’t even come on with mine. Does that mean the power is not getting to the main board?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

        1. Dominic Avatar

          Did you ever solve you M65 power issues. I seem to have a similar problem; constant 19v and no lights on at all. I checked diode and resistor as in the YouTube video. My diode is fine, resistor is registering 1.1ohm vs the 8.92kohm on the one above it. Let me know how yours turned out.

          1. Brian DeWeese Avatar
            Brian DeWeese

            Any luck with the issue I have the same problem as well

          2. Gregory Kreis Avatar
            Gregory Kreis

            No luck.

            My only hope is to use a heat gun and see if I can get the processor to reseat by melting the solder. That is tricky and if not done right, it won’t last long if it does work. I had an email alert into the site to be notified if a mainboard comes in. Haven’t gotten an alert in 5 months… so.. I hate it, but if the heat gun doesn’t work, it gets trashed. Maybe I should sell it to them or someone for parts….

            I bought a Samsung 65″ to replace it. Through Costco and a deal at the time, I get a 5-year warranty. Crossing my fingers I don’t need it.

        2. Toan Avatar

          Hi Morgan – I have the same TV model with the same issue. I don’t even see the blue/red led light ON. Just curious if you have made any progress?


  6. RJ Avatar

    In case anyone has this same issue with their power board, I posted a video online on how I repaired the components on the power board:

    1. Gregory Ross Avatar
      Gregory Ross

      Hi RJ , when I examined the power board the resistor was fine. My M65 has a solid red light on back of mainboard in standby but when turned on it flashes blue. The logo pops up and then shuts off fo a few seconds and then restarts. The channel you have it tuned to also displays and the shuts off for a few seconds. Any suggestions? Thanks Gregg

  7. Jamaica Steve Avatar
    Jamaica Steve

    There’s a good YouTube video about this exact TV problem
    I can’t find the board in stock anywhere so I’m ordering the little parts and trying to fix the board itself.

  8. Gregg Ross Avatar
    Gregg Ross

    Hello, I have an M65 C1. That turns on but the screen keeps turning on and every 3-4 seconds. I checked both the led master board and slave board but the capacitors looked fine. Any suggestions? Thanks Gregg

    1. Harry Fogarty Avatar
      Harry Fogarty

      I have this same model here. There is an issue with the powersupply which is a diode and a resistor, Location Number is R9114 and D9103. Also on this model which is very common is a bad main board. The main board is between $200 to $300. to replace.

    2. Harry Fogarty Avatar
      Harry Fogarty

      I have this same model here. There is an issue with the powersupply which is a diode and a resistor, Location Number is R9114 and D9103. Also on this model which is very common is a bad main board. The main board is between $200 to $300. to replace.

  9. Norvasc Avatar

    Same model TV, took it apart, p/s was fine, took main board out to inspect it more closely, turned it over and the backside is covered with some kind of dried liquid that’s been there so long that it’s now a thin brown crusty corroded layer. I can’t be 100% sure that was the cause of the problem, (it did run fine for 3-4 years with this mystery

    1. Greg Kreis Avatar
      Greg Kreis

      I too saw the same thing on the back of my main board! I was able to clean up most of it with alcohol. But that didn’t resolve the issue.

      My main board doesn’t have the LEDs (ugh), just vacant pads. The left pads show 5v when I turn it on, but the right pads don’t have a voltage.

      Did you fix your situation.

      I am not sure I will buy a Vizio again having discovered the messy board and the quality of the solders.

  10. Toan Lieu Avatar
    Toan Lieu

    I have some TV model Vizio M65-C1. No video, no backlight. Audio is on for a few mins and then it turns itself off. The blue/purple LED light in the main board is never on or flashing. Any ideas what may be the problem.

  11. Toan Lieu Avatar
    Toan Lieu

    same tv model. No pictures and I don’t see the light flashing or on on the main board. Any ideas what may be the issue?

  12. pat Avatar

    where do you buy parts for vizio m65c1 plus what are the part numbers

  13. Greg Avatar

    I switched power boards thinking that would be the problem, it wasn’t. My issue still exists. The light on the bottom goes on when its plugged in , then fades away , then about a minute later it just starts blinking. Any suggestions?

    1. Harry Fogarty Avatar
      Harry Fogarty

      You would either have bad LED`s or a bad Mainboard. I would put my money on a bad mainboard

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