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  • Script to Automatically Upgrade Minecraft Server Jar

    I got tired of upgrading my son’s minecraft server manually so I wrote these scripts so that he could upgrade the server himself. There are two scripts. One shell script to make a backup of his old server configuration and a simple python script to download the latest jar The shell script assumes the minecraft…

  • Commands to watch the Code Stream 8 Logs

    Commands to tail the Code Stream logs: Run “kubectl -n prelude logs -lapp=codestream” Run “kubectl -n prelude get pods | grep code” Copy the unique name of the pod. Ex: ‘codestream-app-dfcf468cd-l6djt’ Run “kubectl -n prelude logs <unique pod name> -f “

  • How to search Active Directory using vRealize Orchestrator

    Variable adHost is set to the AD:adHost you want to search Or use “Server.findAllForType(“AD:AdHost”)” and use a loop to search each domain. Search for Computer Name vmName = “NST-CORE-01”; adComputers =“ComputerAD”,vmName,adHost); System.log(adComputers.length); Search for Organizational Unit ouName = “Finance”; adOUs =“Organizational Unit”, ouName, adHost); System.log(adOUs.length); Search for User user = “bmacinnes”; adUsers =…

  • Find vc:virtualmachine by uuid

    vCenterVm = sdkConnection.searchIndex.findByUuid(null, vmuuid, true, true);

  • OVFTOOL Examples

    cd “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool” List all VM on ESXi server ovftool “vi://” Export a VM called NST-VRA-01 to a thin-provisioned ovf with the same name on Y: ovftool -dm=thin “vi://” y:\NST-VRA-01 IMPORTANT, unmount any ISOs from the VM. If you don’t unmount them they will get exported as part of the OVF Export…