• Script to Automatically Upgrade Minecraft Server Jar

    I got tired of upgrading my son’s minecraft server manually so I wrote these scripts so that he could upgrade the server himself. There are two scripts. One shell script to make a backup of his old server configuration and a simple python script to download the latest jar The shell script assumes the minecraft […]

  • vRA 8 and Code Stream 8 Monitor Services

    After rebooting the vRA 8 Appliance, you may want to monitor or check service status. Run the following command: “watch kubectl -n prelude get pods” Each service should have a status of Ready 1/1 or Ready 2/2 (with the exception of ui-toggles which will have a status of Completed)

  • Commands to watch the Code Stream 8 Logs

    Commands to tail the Code Stream logs: Run “kubectl -n prelude logs -lapp=codestream” Run “kubectl -n prelude get pods | grep code” Copy the unique name of the pod. Ex: ‘codestream-app-dfcf468cd-l6djt’ Run “kubectl -n prelude logs <unique pod name> -f “

  • Code Stream 8 – How to Create a GitHub Endpoint

    First you will need an API Key from Github for Code Stream to authenticate Log in to GitHub or Github Enteprise Click on your Avatar in the upper right corner Choose Settings On the left navigation, choose ‘Developer Settings’ On the left, choose ‘Personal access tokens’ Click ‘Generate new token’ Enter a meaningful description Select […]

  • How to search Active Directory using vRealize Orchestrator

    Variable adHost is set to the AD:adHost you want to search Or use “Server.findAllForType(“AD:AdHost”)” and use a loop to search each domain. Search for Computer Name vmName = “NST-CORE-01”; adComputers = ActiveDirectory.search(“ComputerAD”,vmName,adHost); System.log(adComputers.length); Search for Organizational Unit ouName = “Finance”; adOUs = ActiveDirectory.search(“Organizational Unit”, ouName, adHost); System.log(adOUs.length); Search for User user = “bmacinnes”; adUsers = […]

  • Find vc:virtualmachine by uuid

    vCenterVm = sdkConnection.searchIndex.findByUuid(null, vmuuid, true, true);

  • OVFTOOL Examples

    cd “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool” List all VM on ESXi server ovftool “vi://” Export a VM called NST-VRA-01 to a thin-provisioned ovf with the same name on Y: ovftool -dm=thin “vi://” y:\NST-VRA-01 IMPORTANT, unmount any ISOs from the VM. If you don’t unmount them they will get exported as part of the OVF Export […]

  • Different ways to use odata searches for VCAC:VirtualMachine and VCAC:Entity

    Get Entities from vcac:virtualmachine object: Use findAllforType (scroll right for full code): Using readModelEntitiesByCustomFilter (scroll right for full code):

  • How to troubleshoot Vizio M65-C1 Power Issues

    How to troubleshoot Vizio M65-C1 Power Issues

    My 3 year old Vizio M65 would not power on.  No standby light or any indication that I was pressing the power button. After trying the obvious solutions like making sure the wall plug had power I started advanced troubleshooting. I took the back of the TV off and checked the fuse.  You can’t tell […]

  • Create Cafe Literals for Day 2 Actions